Error hapend: ERROR: column i_s.stan does not exist at character 435
select max(count) from ( select skladnik,count(*) from ( select distinct ic.skladnik,ic.wartosc from imprezy_ceny ic,skladniki s, imprezy_skladniki i_s, imprezy_terminy it where ic.operator = 1652 and s.operator = 1652 and i_s.operator = 1652 and it.operator = 1652 and ic.impreza = 33 and i_s.impreza = 33 and it.impreza = 33 and ic.del is null and s.del is null and i_s.del is null and i_s.stan is null and it.del is null and s.rodzaj = 28 and ic.skladnik = s.skladnik and ic.skladnik = i_s.skladnik and (it.grupa = ic.grupa or ic.grupa is null) and it.data1 >= 'now') x group by skladnik) y

Software error:

Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /var/www/portal/web// line 320.

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